How To: Tie a common figure eight climbing knot

Tie a common figure eight climbing knot

How to tie a Eight Figure Knot.

The demonstrator states that a figure eight is most common in mountain climbing and mountaineering knots for tieing into a rope system it is stong and hold most people of its type. Take one end of the rope, make sure you leave enough to work on it, take it underneath the body, then over the body, then through the loop create an eight. Once you have the figure, you tie a rewoven figure eight. Take the through a harness then take the end and trace back your figure eight, follow the end you made the figure eight, make sure you dont cross your hands, make a nice trace, and make it tight. It should look like an eight with a loop.

To tie eight in the middle of the rope, this is for the rope people who are at an end of a rope team in mountaineering, double the rope, then take the middle end, just like make a normal eight, go accordingly, you will have a figure eight with a loop

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