How To: Exercise to get in shape for mountaineering

Exercise to get in shape for mountaineering

Ali Alami with Fit Climb demonstrates how to get in shape for mountaineering. You can do these exercises in a park or at home. Your core and lower body are important in mountaineering. First, find a wet, wood bench that is four to six inches off of the ground. Do step ups to work your quadriceps and glutes. Balance briefly on one leg and then bring the other leg up. You can also do side steps. Step downs help you get you used to gravity. Calf raises are also helpful. To strengthen your core use boat and crunch exercises. Planks, squat jumps and pushups will also help develop your strength. Balance exercises are also very important so you don't hurt yourself when navigating crevasses. Do the exercises with a medium weight backpack. Run up and down hills for a great cardiovascular exercise. Remember to stretch and cool down before and after your exercise. Vary your workout and take hikes on weekends.

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