How To: Walk on crampons in ice mountaineering

Walk on crampons in ice mountaineering

In this how-to video, you will learn the basics of walking in crampons in the North Cascades. Put on your crampons if you expect ice. If the snow is soft, you can kick-step in. Make sure you have two points of contact. Use your ice axe in the snow and then step and kick. Lift and place the ice axe in front of you and step and kick in. Keep on doing this. Another technique you can do is step side ways along with the axe. It is the same process except stepping sideways instead. Make sure all the teeth of the crampons catch the snow. For walking down, place your heels down first. If it is icy, you can pigeon toe up. This means the toes are sticking outside. This video shows you great tips in using crampons for walking in snow.

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